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Every course we teach is a fully accredited college course.
Accreditation is through the Portfolio System of Nazarene Bible College.
Submitting all course material will enable a student to receive Bachelor of Arts college credit. If you are interested in receiving this college credit for each course, see the bottom of this page.

Registering for a Class

  1. Download and fill out the Student Registration Form
  2. Include check with:
    • Tuition fee of $350 per class quarter
    • Make check payable to: District Training Center.

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Auditing a Class

Certification Purpose and Description

For those who desire not to take the ordination track courses, we offer a certification for different areas of ministry interest. The purpose is to encourage church members who are involved in church position or are going to be chosen to serve in local church leadership to become literate in the subject of service. This certification may enhance local church leader’s in-depth ministry knowledge and may sharpen the abilities to perform ministry in a fruitful way.

Each certification focuses in one central area of interest or concentration. Depending the student main interest, the curriculum consists of five to seven subjects to fulfill the main goal in order to have a comprehensive understanding of it.

Courses are taught in general for all students, but individuals interested in the certification track have to indicate it in the application form. Each student is responsible to fulfill all the requirements of the course’s syllabus in order to get a letter grade.

For more information for each certification press the following links:

Certificate in biblical studies

Certification in Pastoral and Church Administration courses

Certification in preaching

Evangelism Certificate

Theology Certificate

Auditing a Class

For those interested in just taking the class as an observer, we do accept audit students in the hope that this will inspire and motivate you to enroll for the next term.  Audit students are not required to fulfill pre-course work, assignments or tests and will not receive education credits for the class.

  1. Download and fill out the Student Registration Form
  2. Include check with:
    • Tuition fee
    • Make check payable to: District Training Center.


Please direct all Registration Inquiries to the Registrar:

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Portfolio System

The Portfolio System is the way in which students may receive full academic credit for the classes they take at LADTC.  Mail all class material, with a $60 processing fee, to Nazarene Bible College, and receive full B.A. three-unit class credit.

It’s wise to save all class material, because students often decide they want academic credit after they have taken classes.