This certification helps local church Bible teachers to grasp in depth the content of the Old and New Testament. Each course studies historical and textual backgrounds, contents of each book, and teach students how to write, step by step, exegetical papers from Old and New Testament.

Here are some of the outcomes from this certificate as listed in the BIB-2013, Introduction to the Old Testament syllabus:

  1. Recognize the content of the Old Testament (main characters & events)
  2. Comprehend the historical background reflected in the Old Testament
  3. Understand the history of the composition of the texts in the Old Testament
  4. Know the literary character and structure evident within the various divisions of the Old Testament
  5. Become familiar with various approaches related to the study of the Old Testament
  6. Identify the main themes and theological concepts revealed in the Old Testament
  7. Appreciate the significance of Scripture for Ancient Israel and its application in the Christian Church.

Similar objectives are sought in the other New Testament courses.

The certification in Bible Studies consists of seven courses:

  • Biblical Studies
    • Introduction to the Old Testament BIB-1013
    • Introduction to the New Testament BIB-1023
    • Biblical Interpretation BIB-2003
    • New Testament Gospels BIB-2033
    • Pauline Epistles BIB-3053
    • Pentateuch BIB-2013
    • Hebrew Prophets BIB-3013