This certification teaches the mechanics and procedures of church administration that are practical to implement effective management skills that benefit local leaders at the church ministry level.  Here follows an example of the outcomes of one of its courses taken from one of the NBC syllabi:

As a result of their participation in this course, students will:

  1. Understand the administrative and financial responsibilities of the ministerial role in which they will serve.
  2. Understand the foundational concepts, principles, and practices necessary to fulfill their administrative and financial responsibilities in an effective manner.
  3. Develop the skills necessary to implement these concepts, principles, and practices in their own ministries.
  4. Incorporate these concepts, principles, and practices into their own ministries.

This certification consists of seven courses.

  • Pastoral and Church Administration Courses
    • Practice of Christian Ministry PAS-2013
    • Administration and Church Finances PAS-4023
    • Spiritual Formation PAS-1023
    • Counseling and Pastoral Care PAS-3023
    • Church of the Nazarene and Polity PAS-2023
    • Developing a Missional Church OTR-4013
    • Leadership in Christian Education CEM-2133