Member of the Nazarene Bible College Alliance for Ministry Education


On behalf of the Los Angeles District Training Center in Alliance with Nazarene Bible College, welcome! Our program, with its crazy intensives, is unique. And it’s the only system we’ve had over many years that works well for everyone on this district that is geographically spread out, where some students must drive hours one way to class.

The intensives also allow students with busy work and ministry schedules to take out two weekends for each class rather than taking off days more frequently—which is usually harder for them to do.

We’re not a traditional college or university, and we’re not trying to be. We do strive to fill the gap between traditional learning and real-life ministry. Our professors bring their ground-level ministry experience and years of academic learning to bear in the training and equipping of ministers so that each student can immediately apply their learning to actual fruitful ministry.